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Thermodynamics of the J1-J2 spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain

This web page provides supplementary material for the paper

  1. F. Heidrich-Meisner, A. Honecker, T. Vekua, Frustrated ferromagnetic spin-1/2 chain in a magnetic field: The phase diagram and thermodynamic properties, Phys. Rev. B74 (2006) 020403(R)

and should be considered an integral part thereof. Please consult that paper for definitions and further explanations. We would appreciate if publications making use of information provided on this web page cite the paper [1].

Data files

The following compressed text files tabulate results for several thermodynamic properties of the J1-J2 spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain with J2>0 and h=0 for different values of J1/J2 and temperatures 0<T<=5 J2:

These results are derived from the eigenvalues obtained by full diagonalizations with fixed J1/J2 for the given system size N. Changing the temperature grid is straightforward, as is inclusion of an external magnetic field h. However, we think that the files are already big enough with a scan of two parameters and therefore do not include a magnetic field here, but it can easily be added on request. If you need data evaluated at other temperatures or fields, please contact ahoneck[AT], quoting the parameters (J1/J2, T/J2, h/J2) which you need.

You will probably use the N=20 data and compare with N=16 to assess finite-size effects, i.e., the influence of the number of spins N being finite.


To give you a quick overview, we provide below some color-coded plots based on the N=20 data. White regions correspond to large absolute values which have been omitted in order not to blur the rest of the figure. You can download a PDF version of each plot by clicking on it. Curves for J1=-3 J2 can be found in our paper [1].

Magnetic susceptibility:

Specific heat:

Specific heat divided by temperature:


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